Omnia Specific

A natural imprint that has been around for some 40-years now. The result is OMNIA, the union between two lines composed of different treatments:

Specific the line will provide an important beauty and cosmetic effect on the different types of hair.

Nature provides active extraordinary properties. Science potentiates the efficacy and amplifies the results. This is how the products in which the balance technology / nature creates excellent results. The line is a line SPECIFIC treatment, created to meet the needs of the women treated hair, thin and curly.

These three types of hair require, in fact, different treatment because they have different characteristics: nourishment, softness, lightness and elasticity are the demands of a hair treated. Volume, body weight are the basic requirements for products intended for thin hair. Still, deep nourishment, moisturizes-tion, definition and elasticity is what is lacking in the curly hair.

We have created products that meet the needs of fiber and aiming especially at cosmeticità final. New use of surfactants of vegetable origin, SLES FREE, which become fundamental especially for the hair of women. It 'been shown how these surfactants respect the green color of the hair leaving it shiny and intact longer than SLES and how greater is their moisturizing and conditioning the hair fiber. For this whole line OMNIA is based on the use of these raw materials green.

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