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Hair loss Therapy

One of the consequences of a stressful life, a caotic everyday life, and of environmental pollution is that in the last years a growing number of women are experiencing hair loss.
There is an important psychological side of the question with hair loss in women, more important than it happens with men. This is not only so because of the beauty imperfection that hair loss in women necessarily cause, but also because hair loss in women is culturally less accepted. For this very reason it is extremely important to nourish the hair follicle and to reinforce the hair stalk so that hair loss can be attacked.
The Hair loss Fondonatura programme will provide delicate cleansing, thanks to the specific formulation SELS free, and will stimulate the hair follicle so as to make thicker the mass of your hair, and the hair stalk will be nourished and reinforced, keeping the hair follicle in place in the dermis so that the hair will live longer and better.


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