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Dundruff Therapy

Dandruff is among the beauty imperfections of the scalp most difficult to eliminate. There are two kinds of dandruff, that are made visible in a different way.
The normalizing Fondonatura programme is able to tackle both kinds of dandruff, especially because of the complex action of it active principles, for it opposes bacterial proliferation (pytirosporum ovalis), excessive desquamation, excessive discharge of sebum, absence of elasticity of the skin and itch.
Pyroctone olamine and Zinco pyrion will tackle the bacterial proliferation, action is completed by a further active principle anti-dandruff which is contained in the normalizing anti-drandruff lotion.
A combination of vegetable extracts will gradually restore the physiological, optimal condition of the scalp. The washing action of the cleansing milk is extremely delicate, for it is based on a SELS free washing system that provides better sensorial parameters, such as homogeneity of color, luminosity, intensity and conditioning.


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