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Sebum equalizing Therapy

To obtain normality conditions from a scalp with excessive discharge of sebum it is necessary to have a definite programme, in which the starting point must be to keep the area clean, to be applied constantly.
If the scalp has a lot of external substances (sebum, toxins, dead cells …) this means a lot of bad things for the hair. For this reason, it is very important, to begin with, that to keep your hair and scalp very clean, so that in the subsequent step the active principles contained in the sebum equalizing products of the Fondonatura Therapy line can produce the desired effects. Such active principles will normalize the secretion of sebum, whose cause is well known to be complex and deep, and will delicately cleanse so that the sebaceous glands are not stressed.
Specific attention is put to the lengths, for in case of excessive discharge of sebum the hair can appear without tone, opaque, heavy. For this reason, tensioactives derived from coconut and based on aminoacids and peptides will provide a better luminosity, and the conditioning of the hair stalk and the active principles will provide more volume to the roots and will extend the duration of the hair set.


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